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October 28, 2008


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Since the Brother roundtable two months ago, a lot has happened. I was recently at the Retail Merchants Association Economic Summit in Richmond, Virginia. I’ve posted a video so you can see my thoughts at:

The setup: two well-respected economists give their facts and figures and talk about the upcoming holiday season. After twenty minutes of doom and gloom, it was my turn. Yes, there is a fire in the economy that is going to burn poor businesses but it doesn’t have to be you; watch and find out how to compete. BTW - if you click on the “Watch in high quality,” on the bottom of the player you’ll get the best picture.

Hi Bob,

Well, that's kind of an understatement that "a lot's happened" in the economy in the last two months!

I just took a look at your Retail Summit video and for retailers (and anyone else who sells a product or service) and may be in that "woe is me" mindset, it's 10 minutes well spent.

Here's the active link:

Two thoughts:
1. Though my blog is relatively new, and usually gets fewer hits than a paper target in a blind man's shooting gallery, it is still a most useful tool, as evidenced by the fact that it got me onto the Small Business Roundtable in the first place.
2. A blog, like other communications, is just the mechanical part. As I point out in my book, All You Need Is A Good Idea! (available at all the usual outlets, and through a link on my blog), it is the content, the idea, that makes something stand out. And I submit that, especially today, there is nothing more effective or economical than a good marketing idea to build your business...or your blog.

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