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October 23, 2008


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Hi Tom,

Blogs going away? What nonsense.

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and others work hand in hand with blogs -- not in place of blogs.

Social media sites amplify what you do on your blog. They repeat your message. They expand your reach farther and wider, by enabling you to make more connections with more people, to reach them on whichever site they happen to enjoy frequenting. Blogs magnify the impact of your brand online by giving you visibility repeatedly in multiple places.

If you are like most people you may find you get more value out of social media sites like Twitter et al when you have a blog as a home base where you can delve deeply into what you want to say (not everything can fit into a Twitter message or on a LinkedIn status update). Then broadcast links to your blog posts, ask for input that you might use in your blog, and further engage in conversation about your blog posts (and others' posts) on other sites. And use social media to identify other bloggers and blog content.

But take the place of blogs? I don't think so.


No way is blogging going away. As long as folks love relevant content, blogs will always be around. They may not always be as prominent as they are now, but I think they have a very long shelf life.

Hey Tom, What about me? You and Yvonne introduced me to blogging and helped get me started some 20 months ago and I'm still going strong.

Donna's Promo Talk is a marketing blog focused on interactive promotions. Google that term and I come up on the first page. Google Super Bowl Promotions and I come up #4, above Dorito's!

I also Twitter, but that doesn't get me on the top of a search query. Nor does my Facebook page.

My blog doesn't have an audience in the thousands, but I do seem to have a loyal following of readers.

Blogs are here to stay. They're what started Web 2.0 and will be the leading social media to take us to 3.0...making money at this.

"A place for everything and everything in its place" is how my mother would put in. Twitter serves a purpose as does Facebook and other socnets. But, you can't just get a seat at someone else's table, which is what that amounts to, you have to set a table of your own.

Blogs are your social media HQ. It's where you lay your claim to some of this Web 2.0 turf. The rest, while worthwhile, are extensions.

Great post. Blog on!

Great post Tom. Mr. Valleywag not withstanding, there's probably enough room in the social media universe for anyone and everyone. Besides, Forrester research has just announced that the social web has gone mainstream.

Hi Anita,

Thanks for stopping by and contributing what I think should become a widely quoted phrasing of social media strategy for business: "Social media sites amplify what you do on your blog."

You come at this with the authority of experience and success, so folks should listen up!



I love your "As long as folks love relevant content, blogs will always be around."

That tells bloggers just about all they need to know in answer to their inevitable question, "what should I write about?"

But how about adding,"and as long as search engines want to deliver relevant content, blogs will be a great business communication tool?"


Great post Tom! Blogs are valuable both as communication and promotion tools. Recently I even recommended that someone start one to promote their new products.

Personally I love blogs. They are a quick and efficient way to gather useful information. I even use one - - to get a quick round up of what's happening in the financial world. Some things just can't be said in 140 characters or less :-).

As for Facebook, the main thing my friends at B-school use this for is posting pics from social events.

Hi Donna,

What great examples!

I certainly did not mean to leave you out, but I wanted to show results for a relative newbie and an old-timer like me (five years in the blogosphere)!

You're more like a "tween"!


Doc Searls sums up another reason that blogging remains relevant and important:

"Blogging at its best is free speech working in open spaces. That virtue persists, no matter how many slums get built in blogging's hosted services, and no matter how passé it seems at the moment."

Blogs aren't going away . . . they are just being re-defined. Liz Strauss ( and I just had a conversation a few minutes ago about this very thing. She's ready to take action and be on the leading edge of the next iteration of blogging. Dying, no. Defining, yes.

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