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February 28, 2007


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Students are savvy with Facebook and MySpace but when I asked my students none of them have blogs or are blogging yet.

Do you have any sense of student use of blogs vs. Facebook/MySpace or other social media?

Thank you,


Thank you.

I was one of the attendees at the RAMA workshop put on by the WME Blogs team and came away with a great deal of new knowledge. I run my own very small business, DDC Marketing Group which has a staff of one, me. I will be launching my own blog in a couple of weeks called Donna's Promo Talk. Since I specialize in developing and consulting on promotional marketing, this will be its focus.

I didn't have to prove what I think the ROI will be to anyone...just me which is one of the things I love about running my own company. I agree with all the benefits that Tom has included in the chart he's posted here. Time will tell if I'm going down the right path with creating this blog. While it's an inexpensive way to market myself, it will take time, and time is money, especially running your own business. So, I'll have to form some type of process to determine what business coming my way is linked back to my blog. However, it comes back to one of the age old marketing questions -- How much of the brand building initiaitives we execute directly relate back to sales? Some of course are a lot easier to measure then others.

Hi Bill,

I've seen estimates claiming 75-85% of college students have Facebook accounts. I didn't come across any estimate of how many students are blogging in a quick look this morning, but I can say the number is large from a few sources I found.

If you'd like to spend some time (or have your students explore) visiting student blogs to see what's out there, you could start with an international listing of several hundred (purportedly) student blogs at BlogFlux's College Blog Directory:

Note: there's no way to screen these for "appropriateness."

A number of colleges have created hosted blog services, either fairly open and wide-ranging like Harvard Law's Berkman Center service that hosts free blogs created by faculty, students, and alums:

Or like Smith's admissions-related blogs:

A recent entry comes from the business world, where Media Post Publications has started a series of blogs by journalism students at Ball State University called "Notes from the Digital Frontier":

That should keep you and/or your students occupied for a little while, eh? :-)

Let us know what you/they find.


Great article! this is so useful!

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