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December 03, 2006


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Thanks for the comments on Face The Music. I do think that these approaches using creative media give companies a chance to get a deeper understanding on "the truth", what's really gong on, and to make some new connections to fresh, innovative ways of addressing issues and moving forward.


Tom, your notes from the forum brought a couple of things back to mind. Having spent numerous hours watching bulleted lists go by and producing more than a few of them myself, I remembered the critical legal theory group of law professors that I read in law school who used narrative to communicate complicated legal theory. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from reading, for example, Derrick Bell's Faces at the Bottom of the Well while studying the Due Process Clause and Equal Protection.

Stories can be a powerful and effective way to communicate all kinds of ideas, including those related to your business. Instead of dryly reading yet another set of PowerPoint bullets, why not tell a story about a customer and how he or she interacted with your product or service to illustrate the reasons for your proposed course?

I also agree with your assessment at the end of the post. Without diversity, in education and all its other facets, communications and decisions within a business can become nothing more than an echo chamber.

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