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May 04, 2006


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I don't buy about all these Blog vs website debates. Blog is just another type of website/web pages with URL, HTML code,CSS, Javascript and server-side script the use HTTP protocol. There are few types of websites. E-commerce,Brochure,Portal, Journal or blog and forum...Website can have a blog a forum a link directory, it could be static or dynamic.

Should the question be Blog design vs Traditional website design?

"There is a glaring disconnect between..."

"Disconnect" is a verb, not a noun. I think you meant "disconnection". Misusing this word seems to be very trendy now, particularly among politicians, but that doesn't make it correct.

I kept meaning to get back to this and thank Observant for the "observation" about the usage of "disconnect" - however, I'm not sure what dictionary Observant consulted.

Here's what Merriam-Webster online says about the noun usage:

2. disconnect
Function: noun
Date: 1976
: a lack of or a break in connection, consistency, or agreement
"a huge disconnect ... between the nation's capital and the rest of the country" - R.J. Samuelson

There is no need for the noun form of "disconnect", when the noun "disconnection" already exists. Let us not needlessly proliferate words, when the English language has well over 600,000 words, of which most commonly use a miniscule fraction.

Great blog, keep up the good work!! Have added it to my favourites!

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